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Owner's Gallery: Erik B – Titanium All-Road/Cyclcross

Hi Carl,

Riding season is here, and I saw/listened to your interview on Bikerumor’s podcast, which prompted my memory that I didn’t say thank you.  I wanted to ride it a bunch ahead of commenting so it wasn’t a hollow thanks.

I have a few thousand K on the bike now.  It’s fantastic. 

Further, it gets a lot of compliments.  People (and I), like the very classic lines.

I have had to fiddle ongoing a bit with those Compass tires to keep them holding air, but man, they sure are fast and supple.  They obviously are a bit slower than a road tire, but not much… and they just soak up so much on rough or gravel roads.  They’re incredible.

I’ve also ridden it with some Schwalbe One 28’s, and could hold a race group pack and the bike felt good with that style of speed riding.

It’s versatile and awesome.