Strong Frames Custom Bicycles
<h3>“One at a time, from start to finish”</h3>
This is my 20<sup>th</sup> year building frames. My wife Loretta and I focus our family business on attention to the individual, incredible customer service and designing and producing top quality bicycles. We start with the customer and work out from there. Our focus on the customer directs our intensive design process which has been developed to produce consistent accurate results working with our customers remotely.

I take the process apart into four main elements and then reduce each of those even further. I believe if we work together to make a lot of small choices starting when your deposit is made we can make the decision process much more comfortable. Not “shelving” your project until your turn allows us to stay engaged so I don’t have to recall or relearn everything we talked about during your purchasing process. Once the design is complete you’ll have an understanding of exactly how your frame design will meet your goals. You’ll have the confidence and knowledge that what you are getting is exactly what you want.

Owner's Gallery

Michael bought his bike a couple years ago. He lives in Australia and is married to a Bozeman gal. These pics were taken in Bozeman during a recent trip.

Michael D – Titanium Disc All Road

Out the Door

Doug L – Titanium 29er MTB

Doug L – Titanium 29er MTB

Build Log

Custom Blend Steel 27.5″ Plus MTB

Robert C – Custom Blend Steel 27.5″ Plus MTB