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Bicycle Frame Tube Information (1999)

Here is a tube spec table we’ve resurrected from our 1999 website.  We Figured it would be fun for those that have been around a while or if you are looking at an older bike and wanted more info about it.

You can see the modern tubes specs here.


TubingAlloyUltimate StrengthMinimum ElongationDescription
Columbus ELNivacrom1200 N/mm212% min Ideal for time trials, climbs and triathlon events. The reduced thickness of tubing, made possible by the use of Nivacrom steel with very high yield strength makes the frame very light.
Columbus MaxNivacrom 1200 N/mm212% min This set features elliptical sections oriented according to active and passive stresses. This set is designed to optimize the frame's performance in extreme load conditions. Great for bigger riders.
Columbus GeniusNivacrom1200 N/mm212% min Second in weight only to Nemo this set exploits differentially shaped butting adding a third dimension to the butt design. For the highest combination of lightness and rigidity.
Columbus NemoNivacrom1200 N/mm212% min Similar in design to Genius yet shedding more weight in the seatstays and chainstays. Also introducing the Zone Butted Concept, which provides more material in the areas of the H2O bosses and derailleur hanger. Appropriate for riders less than 145 lbs.
Columbus NeuronCyclex 900N/mm212% minAvailable in standard and OS diameters for high performance road frames. The utmost stiffness is assured by the tube thickness distribution according to the three axis. The inside section shape is elliptical in the butted section and the thickness butts extend in thin strips along the tube.
Columbus BrainCyclex Chromoly 900N/mm212% min
Available in standard and oversize tube diameters. Tubes have short butted sections to increase frame lightness and are superfinished in the surface.
Columbus ThronChromoly 800 N/mm2 12% min From the experience made with the ELOS. Thron tubeset retakes the "Oversize" concept for a product perfectly right for amateur races. Tube thickness is 0.5mm and chainstays are of new design. Thron will yield a frame that besides being very light, features an especially up to date look.
Reynolds 853Proprietary Air-Hardening Heat-Treated180-210 KSI10% MinReynolds 853 is made from a seamless steel alloy originally developed for the side impact beams on high performance cars. The term “air-hardening” refers to a special category of steels that when welded and allowed to cool in air, actually get harder in the weld area. Because this is normally the critical zone for fatigue life, 853 frames will out-perform conventional steel alloys due to this innovation.
Reynolds 631Proprietary Air-Hardening 115-130 KSI10% MinThis is the upgrade form the legendary “531” steel. The strength has gone up 10% allowing weight savings on tough, durable but comfortable frames. Perfect for the long distance tourer or hard-tail MTB where ride feel and toughness matter.
Reynolds 72525CrMo4 Heat-Treated157-186 KSI10% MinUsing an industry standard steel alloy, Reynolds mandrel butt and then heat-treats this alloy. 725 can be TIG welded and can also be using in a “Designer Select” combination with Reynolds air hardened range of 853 and 631 tubing.
Reynolds 52525CrMo4114 KSI10% MinMandrel butted for accurate profiles and available in a number of shapes, 525 offers a tube-set with strengths similar to the famous 531 range.
True Temper
OX Gold
Proprietary Air Hardening >195 KSI8-10%A new alloy specifically designed for TIG welding and filets brazed frames. This air hardening alloy gives added fatigue life and impact strength. Net results- an Austempered tube that out-performs all other steel alloy tubing.
True Temper RCX2 Chromoly Austempered Heat treatment>185 KSI 7% minThese tubes have received True Tempers "OX3" heat treatment which can give 20% more strength than most other heat-treated tubesets. Not only is the tubing stronger, but harder making it dent resistant.
True Temper OXRCX Chromoly Austempered Heat treatment>185 KSI7% min Same set as RCX2 above but oversized maintaining low weight and increasing strength and stiffness.
True Temper RC2 Chromoly Stress Relieved >110 KSI 10-12%A conventional 4130 seamless Chromoly stress relieved to improve the mechanical strength 7% over tubing that is not stress relieved. It is extraordinarily stiff, yet lightweight and responsive.
True Temper Velo Chromoly Heat treated>150 KSI10-15%This is the leading edge aero-profile tubeset. Velo is heat-treated using conventional oil quenching technologies. Results- a tube set some 30% stronger than tubing without heat treatments
Dedacciai Zero18MCDV6 Microalloy Heat treated >203KSI 13% min A heat-treated Microalloy while extremely light, and super strong this tube set possess excellent fatigue characteristics. Available in standard double butt and oversize.
Dedacciai Zero Uno18MCDV6 Microalloy >174 KSI 12% min Using the same Microalloy as above in a non-heat treated form. These sets are extremely light, and super strong, while possessing excellent fatigue characteristics. Available in standard double butt and oversize.
Dedacciai Zero Tre 25CrMo4 >123 KSI13% minUsing an alloy that is similar to the 4130 Chromoly some of the tubes are seamless while most are seamed and drawn over a mandrel.