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Alexandre D – Titanium 29er/27.5″ Plus MTB:

Titanium 29er/27.5″ Plus MTB

Mike M – Titanium All-Road:

Fits like my favorite Jeans Thanks Carl for the creative design and perfect fit. The combination of dura-ace and XTR has me speeding along the road when the trail ends and climbing 22 degree bridal trails effortlessly. Disc brakes stop with light pressure and with one finger. After 27 years of cycling my fingers rejoice. […]

Jay B – Fillet Brazed Steel Road Bike:

Fillet Brazed Steel Road Bike

Ben R – Titanium Mountain Bike 27.5 Plus:

Hey Carl, just wrapped up a 3 hour xc ride and hit the new Cody pump track. Bike handles amazing… and it looks better with wheels! Thanks for all your work, Ben

Steve B – Titanium Road with Long Reach Brakes:

Bravo, Carl.  Bravo. First proper ride today.  16 mile loop around Standley Lake in Westminster.  70 degrees.  Blue skies. I’ll send an update when I’ve broken it in.  First impression: How did you make the bike both quicker and more stable?

Larry O – Extralite Steel Road Bike with Dura Ace 9100:

Extralite Steel Road Bike with Dura Ace 9100

Dan W – Titanium All-Road Cyclcross:

Hi Carl & Loretta – Thanks again for all of your work building my bike. I still owe you some photographs. This weekend may be a fine opportunity. I’m riding it regularly, and loving it always! It’s such an awesome bike! Thanks again to both of you!

Ren O – Titanium Road Frame with Low Mount Brakes:

Love the bike and thx again

Lewis C – Titanium All-Road/Gravel Bike:

Titanium All-Road/Gravel Bike First ride of the spring on lew-ti with a new set of hoops. The bike just rides so well.  I had back surgry a couple of years ago and now ride with an ISM saddle.

Michael D – Titanium All-Road bike with Shimano Dura Ace and Enve:

Hi Carl, Bike is going great. I’ve ditched the 35mm compass tires and have replaced them with 28mm Scwalbe Pro-Ones and I’m running them tubeless. It’s a big improvement. The bike felt a bit lethargic with the 35mm tires on, but I’m super happy now that I’ve changed to the Schwalbes. I had so much […]