Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Jim G #4

Dammit Carl !

Every time I take delivery of a bike from Bozeman, I end up selling a bunch of other bikes.

I’m running out of other bikes to sell, and the ones I’m left with mostly say “Strong” on them.

These are so good, the others just don’t get ridden any more. The first bike you ever built for me, I knew on the first ride that it was “on”.

You keep doing it, and this newest one is the best yet. Sure, I know there’s a placebo effect to the new but, really, this is just flat out wonderful. You nailed it in every way.

The fit is perfect. The ride is just sublime. The road noise goes away, I get what I need, no more, no less.

I have never been a fan of straight leg forks but you have finally won me over with this. The fork is solid, the ride it gives is comfortable and it looks good. It really does.

And while we’re on the subject of winning me over, that braze-on front derailleur hanger is the bee’s knees – glad you talked me into it!

The bike gives me back every bit of the feeble energy I put into it. Great on the descents, and even with the fat kid on board, fast on the climbs. This will be a wonderful all day cruising bike.

I really thank you and the team for this one, you went over and above and delivered an absolute winner. I know I was a pain in the rear towards the end and Loretta moved heaven and earth to get the bike to me on time, thank you.

Just a flat out, solid home run.