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Ben R – Titanium Mountain Bike 27.5 Plus:

Hey Carl, just wrapped up a 3 hour xc ride and hit the new Cody pump track. Bike handles amazing… and it looks better with wheels! Thanks for all your work, Ben

Steve B – Titanium Road with Long Reach Brakes:

Bravo, Carl.  Bravo. First proper ride today.  16 mile loop around Standley Lake in Westminster.  70 degrees.  Blue skies. I’ll send an update when I’ve broken it in.  First impression: How did you make the bike both quicker and more stable?

Larry O – Extralite Steel Road Bike with Dura Ace 9100:

Extralite Steel Road Bike with Dura Ace 9100

Dan W – Titanium All-Road Cyclcross:

Hi Carl & Loretta – Thanks again for all of your work building my bike. I still owe you some photographs. This weekend may be a fine opportunity. I’m riding it regularly, and loving it always! It’s such an awesome bike! Thanks again to both of you!

Ren O – Titanium Road Frame with Low Mount Brakes:

Love the bike and thx again

Lewis C – Titanium All-Road/Gravel Bike:

Titanium All-Road/Gravel Bike First ride of the spring on lew-ti with a new set of hoops. The bike just rides so well.  I had back surgry a couple of years ago and now ride with an ISM saddle.

Michael D – Titanium All-Road bike with Shimano Dura Ace and Enve:

Hi Carl, Bike is going great. I’ve ditched the 35mm compass tires and have replaced them with 28mm Scwalbe Pro-Ones and I’m running them tubeless. It’s a big improvement. The bike felt a bit lethargic with the 35mm tires on, but I’m super happy now that I’ve changed to the Schwalbes. I had so much […]

Andy K – Double Butted Titanium Road with SRAM Red eTap:

It felt great. Smooth, but LIVELY, stiff, but comfortable. I might just have to jump back on it and ride some more, I really didn’t even get acquainted with it yet. But the more I rode, the more I felt comfortable, standing and getting on it. Whew! Very Nice! Great fit also! Probably the best […]

Dave M – Steel Disc Road Bike with Shimano Dura Ace Di2:

Custom Blend steel with Dura Ace Di2 and hydro disc brakes. Thanks Dave!!

Kent S – Classic Titanium Road Bike Frame:

Hi Carl and Loretta: The bike is great! Just realized I forgot to send a picture so one is attached. Still planning to trim the steerer a bit more.