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Custom Steel and Titanium Road Bikes:

138 years between us, Still going STRONG

Titanium Gravel Bike – Brian F:

Custom Titanium Gravel Bike – Roger G:

Titanium All-Road – Dan W:

Titanium Tour Divide Bike – Devin M:

Dude this thing freaking rips. Been riding it a ton. Went mountain biking on some techy single track with it this morning and got rained on so had to clean it off a little in the parking lot. It rides like a champ. It’s opening my mind on the geometry…so freaking stable. There’s occasional slight […]

Custom Steel Road Bike – Jay B:

Custom Steel Road Bike with S&S Couplings – Tres S:

Custom Blend Titanium Disc Road – Steve P:

Hi Carl: As promised, an update to my initial impressions now that I’ve crossed 731 miles including two Centuries on the Strong Custom Blend Road Bike. I’m enjoying the Comfort, Smoothness, Handling, Speed and Stability especially now that I’ve gotten accustomed to the Strong as the miles roll on. I am splitting Ride time with […]

Titanium Road (photos by Andy White) – Jim H:

Simply put, it’s a beauty — elegant in an understated way that shows off the craftsmanship in its creation. More importantly, it fits me well — better than any bike I’ve owned/ridden — and is fun to ride. I’ve ridden it a half-dozen times and now that it’s dialed, I’m no longer “testing,” I’m just riding; […]

Custom Blend Steel Road – Frank C:

Hey Carl!  Good morning!A couple photos for the owners gallery.  I’m quickly realizing that Loretta and John Watson make taking bike photos look easy.  It’s not.I’ve logged just under 500 miles on the new frame and I’ve got nothing but good things to say.  I had four “must-haves” when I started this project.  A stiff […]