Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Robert C – Custom Blend Steel 27.5″ Plus MTB

The bike rides like a dream, the fit is like slipping into a comfy old pair of slippers! It has a beautiful brutish finesse ride quality to it that is quite delightful!!! It has a comfortable, yet good power ride position that can be maintained for those long sustained climbs, goes down hill like a champ, with control and daring! it’s agile, snappy, and a quick turner, and likes getting air!!! it is also opening new bike skill challenges for me, as well as new line choices, it’s upping my ride game, and bringing me great joy, and a new enthusiasm for Mountain biking!!!! It is truly amazing, and is everything I asked of you for its ride quality’s as a do everything Mountain bike (as I define it for myself anyways)!!!

Thanks again Carl for such a fantastic bike!! It will bring me year’s of fun and adventure!! Attached are some pictures of the bike on its first week of shake down Ride’s in it’s natural environment.

As always,
Happy Trails