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Owner's Gallery: Kevin B – Titanium Disc Road

Hi Carl & Loretta,

I received my new frame last Monday and all I can say is…

…WOW! I built it up and only have one “shakedown” ride on it, but boy does it deliver! You gave me precisely what I asked for and needed. The bike offers an incredibly solid platform on which to pedal and responds instantly. The handling is lively but predictable and the geometry feels perfect. I can see why Loretta does the finish work too… The media-blasted tubes have a perfect sheen.

The result is that I feel totally connected to the bike. From its great handling and solid platform to the entire buying experience. Carl was great to work with, listening to my wants and needs while conversing on a level which was comfortable to me. I love the fact I was able to get instant answers to my questions directly from Carl, and it was awesome to see the build log for my new frame.

I expect to have a lifetime of thrilling and enjoyable rides on this frame. Thank you for delivering such a quality product with great service!

I’ve stuck a photo here, but it’s not great… weather was iffy today and I was in a hurry due to other obligations (plus forthcoming rain).

Thanks again,

Kevin B.

Hi Carl & Loretta,
I’m sorry to do this to you… But you’ll have no choice but to read on about the frame you guys built and delivered to me back in June.
I had written to thank you for the bike back in early July, after having just one ride on it. Well… Now I have 6 or so weeks and nearly 1,000 miles on the frame and I just have to gush to you one last time about how much I absolutely love this bike.

I’ve been an avid recreational cyclist for the past 20 years, and I’ve owned a bunch of different bikes, but none of them save for my 2006 Serotta has given me the joy of riding like my Carl Strong frame has over the last 1.5 months. My wife Jeannette tells me she hasn’t seen me this happy after each of my rides in a looooong time. The bike just delivers on every front. I can’t say enough about how responsive it is, whether climbing hills, charging through flats or pushing it through twisties. In today’s world of hyped-up, mass-produced carbon frames, the classic Ti and steel frames are just not ridden by many folks anymore. Even where I live, in the land of Seven Cycles, Indy Fab and Firefly, you just don’t see as many metal frame bikes during group rides, and it’s a shame. Many folks look at my Ti bike and dismiss it as “old tech”, but those that understand, take a closer look and gawk at the impeccable workmanship, and see the custom geometry that works perfectly for my type of riding.

Anyway, I just want to drop you this last note to thank you once again for delivering such a great product. Folks that call you should listen to what you have to say about frame design and see the attention to detail you deliver on the final product. It’s a testament to old-world quality with the understanding of what a modern rider needs.