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Owner's Gallery: Custom Blend Steel Road – Frank C

Hey Carl!  Good morning!
A couple photos for the owners gallery.  I’m quickly realizing that Loretta and John Watson make taking bike photos look easy.  It’s not.
I’ve logged just under 500 miles on the new frame and I’ve got nothing but good things to say.  I had four “must-haves” when I started this project.  A stiff pedaling platform, a stiff front end for steering and braking, and increased tire clearance without compromising road bike geometry, and a racy aesthetic even though my fit is more “hybrid.”  The frame checks all of those boxes twice.  I also wanted to report on one attribute that I didn’t know I needed but so glad I got.  That’s the feeling of security/confidence.  The frame tracks so straight and the low bottom bracket makes it so stable and the trail makes it so easy to ride.  I’m having so much more fun.  Riding my local roads used to be pretty “white knuckled” and now they’re just not.
Thank you.