Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Daniel B

Rode it for the first time with its proper build today. And the bike was transformed. It became the hard-nosed “All Rounder” I’ve always dreamed of. It was cold, wet, windy, grey and I couldn’t have been happier. This bike was made for the spring classics… or at least channeling one’s inner Peter van Petegem or Museeux (minus all the dope). The handling was perfect, exactly what I was hoping for. It doesn’t have that sharp jump carbon bikes have. Instead it has that springy feeling which I’ve heard about, but never knew exactly what it meant. The ride quality is the best I’ve ever experienced and it has a freight-train feeling when it going, just plows over potholes and rough pavement. Found myself seeking out the bad pavement, taking detours onto some of the brick roads we have around here. Best of all, it’s just a fun bike to ride. Thank you for all the help, knowledge and patience putting this together, couldn’t be happier. Look forward to riding this bike for a long time.

Include some pictures of the bike built up. It may just be me, but I think it looks better with some grit.