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Taking Your Body Measurements

Another person should take all measurements while you’re in bare feet.


This is the measurement from the pubis bone (base of pelvis) to the floor. Stand straight up against a wall with your feet about four inches apart. Place a straight edge firmly between your legs and measure from the top of the object to the floor. Be sure to apply a good amount of upward pressure.


While kneeling on the floor use the same method to measure your femur that you did to measure your inseam.


Average the measurements of your feet.


Measure from the Pubis bone (top of object used to take inseam measurement) to your clavic notch. The notch at the base of your neck that forms the “V” between your clavicles.


This measurement runs from your shoulder to the center of your hand. Holding a round object such as a pencil perpendicular to your arm, measure from the tip of the acromion bone at the back of your shoulder down the back side of your arm to the center of the object in your hand. Take this measurement with your arms held out about 45 degrees from you side. This is a very important measurement and an easy one to mistake. Measure both arms and take the average. You’ll usually find that your arm and torso measurements are within a cm or two. If they are not, double check them.


This is the measurement from acromion to acromion, across the back


This is the distance from the tip of your elbow to the tip of you fingers.


Measure your overall height while standing erect with your feet about two inches apart.