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Michael H – Titanium Road Bike:

Dale S – Titanium Road:

Hey Carl, My Ti road bike in its (un)natural habitat- on a trainer. Loads of hours, zero actual miles in the winter.  Love the bike, the fit is spot on Dale S.Springfield, MO

Andy C – Titanium 27.5″ Plus:

I love the bike, thank you for all your hard work on it. Andy

Manuel R – Titanium Gravel Grinder:

Carl & Loretta, 5,000 miles later, and I’m still so happy with the bike and grateful to have gone through the whole custom build process with you guys. Thanks again! Manuel

Keith M – Titanium Gravel Road Bike:

Ended up doing a 1x Shimano DI2 setup instead of a SRAM Etap group. Dynamo lighting front and rear, everything nicely run internal with no obnoxious zip ties. My initial thought was the position feels great. Time in the saddle will verify that. It’s hard not to stair at it. I’m biased, but I think […]

Robert C – Custom Blend Steel 27.5″ Plus MTB:

The bike rides like a dream, the fit is like slipping into a comfy old pair of slippers! It has a beautiful brutish finesse ride quality to it that is quite delightful!!! It has a comfortable, yet good power ride position that can be maintained for those long sustained climbs, goes down hill like a […]

Doug L – Titanium Disc Road Bike:

Carl, I rode the bike for the first time today. It’s absolutely perfect. It was the best experience I have ever had on a bike. I couldn’t be any happier! Thanks for being so good at your craft! It has made mountain- and road-biking so much more enjoyable for me. Also, everyone goes nuts when […]

Michael D – Titanium Disc All Road:

Michael bought his bike a couple years ago. He lives in Australia and is married to a Bozeman gal. These pics were taken in Bozeman during a recent trip.

Doug L – Titanium 29er MTB:

Carl – I gave it a good ride today. It was a real beauty. The bike is perfect! Thanks so much!

Chad G – Custom Blend Titanium Road:

Hi Carl, 500 miles later and I finally have some pics of the new bike. Just want to say thanks for everything and making the process enjoyable and producing the finest bike I’ve ridden. It is everything I hoped for – swift, agile, stable, stiff yet. comfy. The first acceleration was amazing with the bike […]