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Robert C – Custom Blend Steel 27.5″ Plus MTB:

The bike rides like a dream, the fit is like slipping into a comfy old pair of slippers! It has a beautiful brutish finesse ride quality to it that is quite delightful!!! It has a comfortable, yet good power ride position that can be maintained for those long sustained climbs, goes down hill like a […]

Doug L – Titanium Disc Road Bike:

Carl, I rode the bike for the first time today. It’s absolutely perfect. It was the best experience I have ever had on a bike. I couldn’t be any happier! Thanks for being so good at your craft! It has made mountain- and road-biking so much more enjoyable for me. Also, everyone goes nuts when […]

Michael D – Titanium Disc All Road:

Michael bought his bike a couple years ago. He lives in Australia and is married to a Bozeman gal. These pics were taken in Bozeman during a recent trip.

Doug L – Titanium 29er MTB:

Carl – I gave it a good ride today. It was a real beauty. The bike is perfect! Thanks so much!

Chad G – Custom Blend Titanium Road:

Hi Carl, 500 miles later and I finally have some pics of the new bike. Just want to say thanks for everything and making the process enjoyable and producing the finest bike I’ve ridden. It is everything I hoped for – swift, agile, stable, stiff yet. comfy. The first acceleration was amazing with the bike […]

Steve S – Custom Blend Titanium All-Road:

Hi Carl, I have by new bike dialed in and finally getting some good rides now that the weather is cooperating. I wrote a quick review and included a few photos. I know you like field shots with sweat and road grime on the thing, these iPhone photos qualify. Now that I’ve ridden my new […]

Rich S – Titanium Monster Cross:

Hi guys, The care package arrived via Fedex on Saturday.  By coincidence, I was sitting out in the driveway working on one of my other bikes so I had all my tools out and ready to go when the truck pulled up.  I had fun unboxing everything and loved the note about the bike heading to […]

Scot R – Titanium CX Converted to Gravel:

Not sure if you remember me, but I was the NYPD Detective that if I remember correctly, you designed and build one of the first Ti Strong CX Bikes with Disc Brakes. A long story, short, I really loved my custom Strong, but no longer race cross and wanted to venture into gravel genre so […]

Joel W – Titanium Disc Road:

Titanium Disc Road

Marc E:

Hi Carl. The bike just carried me through a week of long hilly days in the Carolinas at spring training camp. It’s, well, perfect. As you know, decal says “Bike ain’t nothing without a rider,” but in this case we may have to make a little exception. Great working with you. Marc