Strong Frames Custom Bicycles

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Mike M – Classic Titanium Road Race Bike:

Custom Blend titanium road bike

Dalton B – Traditional Custom Blend Steel Road Frame:

Custom Blend steel road bikes with Ultegra 6800, Ritchey cockpit and wheels and Enve fork.

Dave M – Custom Blend Steel Disc Brake Road Bike with Shimano Dura Ace Di2:

Custom Blend steel road with Dura Ace Di2, disc brakes and King/Hed wheels.

Igor H:

Titanium disc road

Cosmo S:

Tim L:

Custom Blend steel road frame with S-Bend seatstay and chainstay. Sram Red build kit with Hed Ardennes FR wheels and Enve cockpit.

Brian G:

Titanium Disc Road with Enve cockpit and wheels and Di2 and Shimano Hydro Brakes.

Jeremy W:

Titanium Custom Blend disc brake road bike.

Kevin J:

Classic Custom Blend steel road.

David R:

Titanium disc brake road bike.