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News: Winter Riding February 9th, 2009

So as you may know, Montana winters are long and cold. I commute year round on my bike no matter the temp. Ice is the biggest problem, especially in the dark at 5:30 AM when I’m coming to work. I haven’t broken down and switched to studded tires yet. I’m trying to be a tough guy although I may regret it. At any rate, the roads are starting to clear, at least for the time being so I’ve been getting out and doing some road riding.

Last week the temps were in the mid 30’s and the sun was out. Not ideal for road riding but if you dress right not bad either. Thursday my good friend and fellow frame builder Dave Kirk ( and I got together with our buddy Pete and went out for a while. It felt really good. Dave and Pete are great riding partners, no half wheeling and lot’s of good conversation. Now, as I’m writing this I’m looking outside and it’s snowing. Oh well, we are in a ski town.