Custom Bicycles
News: What’s goin’ on July 27th, 2011

I haven’t been posting much on the blog lately but have tried to at least once a week. My rhythm here at the shop has been a bit off lately because of all sorts of special projects. Loretta has spent the last couple days taking pictures for an upcoming add, I screwed up a customer frame by putting on the wrong dropouts and had to rebuild (watch “Proshop” for killer deal on steel a 29er and few other frames soon). I’ve also had some general shop maintenance, guests and a litany of other things that have broken my routine. I am one of the builders that Enve Composites asked to provide a bike for their Eurobike booth. Being a massive Enve fan of course I was glad to oblige so I’ll be spending this weekend building that frame so that I can stay on schedule with customer frames. Last but not least was Spectrum Powderworks unusually long turn around time. Historically Spectrum turns around is about two  or three weeks but lately it’s been more like six weeks or more. Fortunately Paul Taylor has taken up the slack and has been turning frames around in a couple weeks and they are absolutely beautiful. Keep an eye on “Back From Paint” , most of the new stuff you’ll see  was done by him. But as busy and crazy as it’s been around here I’m still on schedule and starting Monday I expect to be back to my good ol’ routine.

So to let those of you who have frames on order know what going on here is a quick rundown of the next couple of weeks. Currently I’m working on Nick J’s Custom Blend steel road frame. It’s pictured below. I should have it finished up today. Then on to Dom’s Custom Blend titanium road frame, Angelo’s Custom Blend steel road frame. After that Marcos is up so we need to get to work on your design Marcos.  Then Hal’s titanium cyclocross and Thad’s if we can get to his designs although he’s busy fighting forest fires right now. After that Sean in HI and Ben’s titanium cyclocross frame. That’s as far as I’ll go for now but the list goes on and on. I’m glad to be so busy, thank you everyone for your orders.