Custom Bicycles
News: Webisode #2 and #3 May 28th, 2009

Fridays is usually my design day but I’ll be taking tomorrow off to film two new webisodes. If you have a frame design in process expect to hear from me next week rather than this week. If you have a draft design that we still need to discuss I’ll still be taking calls so please feel free to call.

The next two webisodes will be a general overview of how a steel road frame is built and instructions on how to take your body and current bike measurements when ordering a frame. We should have all the video done tomorrow but it’ll take several weeks to edit and complete the videos. I hope to have them posted by the end of June. For those of you that haven’t seen webisode #1 “Shop Tour” it can be seen here.

Also I have a lot of bikes back that Bill will be assembling over the next couple of days. Below are some pictures of Chris H’s Rando bike and Sam M’s single speed 29er which I’m currently building. We’ll be assembling BJ, Tim W, Jessica, and Tim P’s bikes over the next couple of days. Also Earl’s bike has shipped back from paint and I should see it next week. I expect to see Joe S, Harold V and Brain B’s frames shortly.