Custom Bicycles
News: Weather April 27th, 2009

Last Tuesday¬† it was 80 degree’s, on Wednesday we got 12″ of snow. Gets a little frustrating. This Saturday it was about 50 and sunny so a perfect day for riding. Rode all day. Sunday it was snowing again. Spring in the Rockies, so all you can do is wait and catch every window of opportunity you can. If it’s nice enough to ride, ride, because is you wait it may change in the blink of an eye. You also don’t want to get to high up this time of year without lots of extras because if something comes in unexpectedly you could be in big trouble. I always ride with every pocket full and lots of¬† plastic for emergencies.

Back to work. I finished Trevor’s frame on Friday and it’s ready for media blasting which will be done today or tomorrow. His parts will be here tomorrow and I’ll get it assembled and ready to ship. Loretta will probably hold it for a day to get some really good images of it for our site because it’s going to be very nice. Next on the list is Earl P from Oregon. He’s getting a Custom Blend steel frame with an Alpha Q GS10 fork and Sram Force build kit. He’s also got a really nice paint scheme that I think is going to really look good. I’m excited to see how it turns out.