Custom Bicycles
News: Upcoming work June 14th, 2010

June is always the worst month in my business. The weather is great in most parts of the country and people are really starting to get anxious about their bikes. This is the time of the year when I don’t sell many bikes because most people that wanted a bike for the season have already made their purchase and when the phone rings it’s usually a customer checking in on their bike. I really work hard to deliver on time and while I’m better than most there are times when I screw up. So far this year things have been pretty¬† good and I think I’ve gotten almost everything out on time. Those that weren’t shipped on time were for some reason out of my control. None the less, this is the time of year that I stress about delivery. So if you are waiting on a bike let me assure you, I’m doing everything I can and even if we’re getting down to the wire, we’ll get it delivered on time.

Below are pictures of Jerry D’s steel road frame with Swoop stays. It will also have a matching steel fork. Next in line are Tran , Omar, Rode, Ranson and Smith. All of which should be built by the end of the month. Rode and Tran will be painted so add a couple weeks for that. Also for those with upcoming builds I will be posting them as I build them and will email you when I start your bike so you know when to look for the build.