Custom Bicycles
News: Unexpected Work August 31st, 2009

My current shop is in a 6800 square foot building I built about seven years ago. When I built the building Strong Frames was a much larger company and I included a store front that I intended to use for a bike shop which I ran for two years called Stark Raven Cycles. You can get the whole story by following the tour of my history here: History. At any rate, to make a long story short, I have since split the space into four separate commercial units of which I occupy one and the three others are rented.


Last October my big tenant moved out leaving a lot of my space vacant. Since then I’ve had one tenant move in and bail, and three others make verbal commitments but none completed the transaction. Well finally last week I had a tenant come along for the store front who signed a lease and was ready to move it. The catch was she wanted to open for business today. She has a 10 year old business downtown and due to circumstances beyond her control needed to move her business and move it fast. I’ve been in her shoes before and I know how expensive down time can be.  There were a few modifications that needed to be done to the space before she moved in but no contractors could get here in time so I did it myself. Fortunately it’s a skill set I have.

So last week I spent Wed-Fri building, and finishing some partition walls. Obviously since I was next door building walls (Strong Custom Walls?) I wasnt’ building frames. I’ll be back on track this week and for those of you waiting to see your frames on the blog keep your eyes open, they’ll be  coming soon.