Custom Bicycles
News: Trial Fit March 30th, 2009

Since I build custom frames it’s only expected that I build bikes for very specific goals. One of the biggest challenges is parts compatibility and interference issues. Lot’s of frames have competing priorities, for example tire clearance and chainstay length. Other frames have a ton of different parts that need to bolt on and I need to make sure all the mounting pickups are on and in the correct positions. I stock a lot of parts just for the purpose of trial fitting so I can be sure before the frame is sent to paint that everything will fit. In a  lot of cases I don’t have the parts so I have the customer provide me with theirs.  So today I’ll be finishing ME’s dirt road frame and have the challenge of mounting a brake cable stop in it’s optimum position even though the frame is too small to provide that position. I’ll also be trial fitting a bunch of parts on Chris H’s frame. He gets mounts for both disc and Paul Racer brakes as well as front and rear racks and fenders.