Custom Bicycles
News: Todays work July 16th, 2010

Today Jared (JW Engineering) and I will spend the day further developing a specific carbon laminate that we’ve been working on for quite a while now. We have the basic concepts in place and we are continuing to tweak the process. We have developed a fairly unique design that keeps the use of material low and puts it exactly where it needs to be but it’s very time consuming. For example, where a lot of builders would use a single large ply of material over an entire area we use as many as a  dozen or more smaller pieces that pinpoint the forces we’re concerned with. It’s a lot more time consuming but it allows the use of less material. It will also leave a visible strata under the finished surface and currently we’re trying to decide if we want to hide the strata or feature it.

Also, I’m making some serious progress on Tim’s titanium road race bike and it is really coming out nicely. The size and proportions are really balanced and it’s going to be a super good looking frame. Below is a gallery of the frame so far. It’s mitered, fitted and just about ready for cleaning and welding.