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News: To blog or not to blog July 15th, 2010

Hi everyone, if anyone has noticed I haven’t been posting much so I thought I’d fill you in on what going on. Currently I’m super busy. I’ve got a lot going on here at work with my customer’s frames as well continuing development of the carbon frames which are going to be added to the site soon and some side work I’m doing after hours for a friend. We also had a massive hail storm in Bozeman on 7/5 that’s heavily damaged my building, house and both cars. The hail was the size of racket balls (I’m not exaggerating) and it was coming down like someone was throwing them as hard as they could. I’ve never seen anything like it. They tore stuff up all over town, breaking windows in cars and houses and tearing up roofs and siding. All of which requires a lot of time dealing with estimates, insurance and repairs. Thankfully for the most part Loretta has taken up that cause. I also have one other big deal in the works that I won’t announce yet, but if it works out it will bring a big change to Strong Frames and Loretta and I are very excited about it. We’ll let you know once it looks like a done deal. I assume once we get through August I’ll really start hitting the blog like I used to. Thanks for reading!

Below is Alec’s bike completed and ready to go as well as a 29er MTB frame I just finished up. Tim your bike is mitered and ready to put in the fixture. I’ll post pics of it tomorrow.