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News: To blog, or not to blog – Solution May 21st, 2012

So thanks to my world class kick-ass web guy Todd we have figured it out. After hearing your thoughts and one really good observation about being able to look back at past blog posts we have a solution. What we’ve decided to do is feed the face book posts to my home page and nest them in with the blog posts. That will save me from having to post the same thing twice. I’ll also continue to blog and it will feed back to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. So I’ll continue to post all custom frame builds on my blog along with any longer post and narratives and will post all the quick little things I do from my phone on my Facebook page. That way all the posts will be available both places.

Also, today is a big big day for Loretta and I. After more than a year of work we are going before the city commission this evening for approval of our new shop. We are asking to demo an existing garage, build a new much larger 1.5 level garage/Studio and operate our business from it. We live in a very special historic neighborhood with a lot more  restrictions than the average neighborhood in town, so there have been a lot of hoops to jump through. We have worked closely with our neighbors to insure them that there would be no negative effect on the neighborhood and have received the support of the planning dept and the deign review committee. We are pretty optimistic, but it all comes down to tonight’s vote, so keep your fingers crossed.