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News: TIG Torch December 31st, 2009

I’m asked all the time by new and hobby builders what type of cup and lens (collet body) I use for welding. For those that don’t know the “cup” is the nozzle that directs the argon out of the torch flooding the weld zone with the inert gas in order to prevent oxidation which can weaken the weld. Inside the cup is what is called a collet body and most frame builders use a gas lens type of collet body. The gas lens is basically a diffuser that allows us to use a lot of argon without creating turbulence which can suck air into the flood of argon. The cup and lens sit on the end of the torch handle and the Tungsten electrode sticks out. The electrode is what supplies the arc that melts the metal. Tungsten is used because it has and incredibly high melting temperature and won’t melt from the heat of the welding arc. The collection of these parts along with a couple other make up the “torch”. Below are pictures of a few of the cups and lenses that I use. Typically I stick with my favorite a CK industries large lens with a #12 cup. I have a few “tricks” I use to modify them in order to produce better results but they are secret. I also use a CK130 torch handle which is small and light along with a flex hose. All of which help provide as much control as possible. I keep a few extra cups around for tricky applications and have a few others that I’ve experimented with they are all pictured below.

Also there are images of Peter M’s coupled titanium road frame. It will be getting Campy Record along with an Alpha Q GS10 fork and DT1450MC wheelset. It should be done early next week and I’ll post pictures.