Custom Bicycles
News: This week September 29th, 2009

Yesterday was a good start to the week. I have three titanium frames on deck. I’m currently working on Holly E’s frame. It’s a “All Rounder” that will be used primarily for commuting along with some serious road riding. We’re building it with Ultegra 6700 and it will have two sets of wheels, one for general use and another pair for faster rides. I should finish building it today. Loretta will get it finished and apply the graphics and Bill will be in to assemble tomorrow. Next on the list is a Butted titanium for Ned. It will be assembled with Red and a host of light stuff. One of our goals on this bike will be to keep the weight to a minimum. I expect it to come in under the 16 pound mark and that should be without any strength or durability compromises. After that, Rob S of NY. Rob’s frame is a nice titanium “Stage Race” frame, clean and simple and to the point.