Custom Bicycles
News: The Goods March 11th, 2010

One great thing about this job is the fringe benefits. While I’m pretty modest in what I choose to ride I can justify and ride just about anything I want. Currently I ride a steel road frame with a mix of old Dura Ace and other parts that somehow or another ended up in my hands because they came off another bike. My bike has low end wheels and it it’s pretty heavy by today’s standards, my guess is 20 pounds with a frame pump. I’m currently building a new bike for myself as I can fit it in and I think I may update the parts a little, maybe Sram Red with some nice wheels. I’m not a weight weenie but I should be able to keep the weight around 16-17 pounds or less without much trouble. The weather is warming up and riding season is in full swing so I’m pretty excited about a new bike. I’ll post it here when it’s done.

Yesterday I started on Ed’s bike. It’s a titanium adventure/cross style bike with couplers. It will also have disc brakes and he’s running a Wound Up cross fork with a disc brake mount. So far I’ve QC’d the material and started to machine the couplers and headtube.