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News: TeJay Van Garderen June 5th, 2009

Some may have seen an earlier post where I bragged up our former “Shop Boy” Tejay. Well, he’s back in the news. Tejay is having a great season over in Belgium racing for Rabobank’s Continental team. Here is a link to a VeloNews artical with short description of his season along with an interview.—a-conversation-with-tejay-van

Needless to say all of us here in Bozeman are very proud of him. We’ve known¬† him since he was a young kid riding bikes that were too big for him. As he grew older I provided him with bikes for about five years until he finally went off to race for teams that could provide him with bikes. His father who’s been a friend for nearly 20 years now was recently in town and it was a lot of fun to catch up and hear all about Teyay’s career, the smart choices he’s making and of course the hard work that he put’s in. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him and will post his progress as he continues to pursue his career.

Below are images we’ve collected over the years of Tejay and his racing progress.