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News: Tee Shirt Blow Out June 15th, 2009

I’m having new tee shirts designed and printed and need to clean out old inventory. I have a couple styles left in limited sizes.  A few of the Extralite tee’s have the logo printed slightly off center but it’s not enough that most would notice.

If you want to order any, send me an email directly to my address at and let me know what  size and how many you want. If I have them, I’ll pull them aside, put your name on them and send  you a PayPal request for payment. Once payment is made I will mail them to you.

Price $5.00 per shirt.

Shipping $10 per address.

Available sizes are:

Strong Frames 2/S

Womens green Blend 5/L

Extralite 3/L and 15/ XL