Custom Bicycles
News: Swoopy Stays April 15th, 2011

Swoopy stays is what I call them for lack of a better term. They are an option that I offer not to be confused with S-Bend stays or Sweep stays, both of which are standard. This frame has Swoopy Seatstays and Sweep Chainstays. Most road frames will have S-Bend Seatstays like Marks frame in my last post. So what are the advantages of Swoopy stays? I’m not really sure. They look cool, and for the most part that is why I offer them and people choose them. They also look like they might soften the ride a little but I can’t honestly make that claim because I’ve never tested them. Intuitively it seems they would but because there are no pivots my guess is if they do, it is a very small amount. This is Joe G’s frame and it will be sent off Monday for paint. Next up is Marcia’s steel 29er and then Trey’s titanium road.