Custom Bicycles
News: Super Busy March 12th, 2009

So in returning from the show I’ve had a lot going on and have been more busy than I anticipated. I’ve had a ton of calls and visits, a new magazine spent a couple days here shooting pictures for an article, we’ve been unpacking frames and displays from the show as well as shipping frames to customers and I’ve got two more appointments today. I’ve also been talking with customers and building a frame. It may be another day or two before I dig out. For those of you who have a frame on order with me and are currently working on frame design I apologize. I’ll be working on designs tomorrow morning and should be back on schedule so call when you can. And BJ (if you’re out there) sorry I missed your call I’ll look forward to hearing from you early next week. Below are a couple pictures or Mark H’s lugged Randonneur frame in the works.