Custom Bicycles
News: Sold! September 30th, 2009

A returning customer, Merle bought the Pro Shop cross frame. It is a perfect fit and was exactly what he was looking for. He wants it for wet road riding and a little exploring off the beaten bath. He’s building it with Sram Force, we’ll put on Paul brakes and an Easton fork. I’ll post pictures of it once it’s ready to go.


We have a ton of cool old cycling posters accumulated over the years that Loretta decided to start hanging around the shop. We have so many things to hang I don’t think there is gong to be a bare space on the walls when she’s done. I like the color and liveliness they offer. We go out of our way to make our work environment as nice as we can. I worked for many years inĀ  a “shop” atmosphere and decided I spend far to much time here to spend it in a dirty space with stark white walls.