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News: Slow blog October 11th, 2012

I just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on at the Strong Frames blog. Currently my office is at my house, I have a temporary shop about 15 minutes away and I’m building a new shop behind my house. I’ve been bouncing between my office and my temp shop and things just aren’t set up as good as they can be. We don’t have the photo studio setup so that’s the reason we haven’t been posting any glam shots of all the stuff that we’ve been shipping. It’s too bad because there have been a lot of really nice bikes going out the door. I’ve been focusing on building bikes  but because  my routine is so screwed up right now the blog has fallen through the cracks. As soon we move into the new shop in late November, early December and the dust settles, we’ll have the photo studio up and I’ll be blogging  at least a couple times a week again.

Here is a picture of the new shop so far. It’s just under 1000 square feet on the ground floor with a 400 s/f  on the second. I’ll post more pictures as progress continues.