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News: S-Bend Seatstays and Chainstays May 14th, 2009

So I’m working on Harold V’s frame right now. He was referred to my by some of my favorite customers, Jim and Barry. Thanks for the referral guys. I thought I’d go into a little more detail on the stays in this picture gallery. Some people try to make an argument about the practical benefits of S-bend stays. Personally I don’t believe they offer anything other than a cool aesthetic.  I don’t do a ton of them for road and cross but I do offer them as a free option and do use them on almost all MTB’s.

I have a bunch of patterns I’ve accumulated over the years but typically I just make them up as I go. The location, radius and angle of the bends varies depending on the frame size and tire size. If you’re a new builder things to watch out for are rotor clearance on MTB’s and small cog clearance (Campy 13’s) on seatstays and chain ring and crank clearance on chainstays.  It’s also critical to locate the apex or center of the radius of the bends right were they need to be in order to maximize tire clearance. Below are images of my process along with short caption describing what I’m doing.