Custom Bicycles
News: Routine April 28th, 2009

Any of you following my blog may be starting to see some repetition in my posts. I’ll try to throw in some more editorial when I think of something worth saying. The truth of it is that this is what I do day in and day out and it can start to look routine after a while.  While it can look routine it’s actually far from it. I think what’s making it’s way to the posts has been focused more on individuals frame rather then all the stuff that got me to the point of building them. Every frame is different and even if they start to look the same from the outside they are a product of their owner and no two are alike. So each build it taken with a completely fresh outlook and is a new job. The jobs come one after another but there is actually nothing routine about them.

Framebuilding as a job  is about 50% or less building. The  rest of my time is spent working with customers, designing, ordering parts and materials, managing information, marketing, sales, accounting, book keeping, etc. It’s hard to blog about all that stuff but I’ve tried and will continue to throw in anything you might find interesting. I also recently purchased a helmet cam and will be sharing rides and other things in the near future. I might even wear it while I build and see what that looks like. If it comes out  good I’ll post it.

Here are some more images of Earl’s frame in process.