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News: Riding with BJ June 10th, 2009

So BJ bought a bike and is moving from Kodiak, AK to LA, CA. So as it worked out on his way down to CA from AK the timing was right for him to swing through Bozeman and pick up his bike. He got here on Monday  and he’s taking his time making a vacation out of the trip. So Loretta and I put him up for a couple days so we could show him around and go for a couple rides.

Yesterday my buddy Pedro, Bill our mechanic and Dave and Karin Kirk ( took him for a short road ride. Toady we’ll go for an MTB ride and we might try to sneak in another tomorrow. Below are some pictures along with a short video. I made the video because I could but I discovered the only way to make a road ride helmet cam video interesting is to keep making it shorter. It’s still too long but it has some nice views of the Bridger Mountain range which is one of Bozeman’s main play areas.

[youtube M3AkuayGCe8]