Custom Bicycles
News: Post Labor Day update September 6th, 2011

Labor Day is behind us and now it’s cross season. I’m still plugging along although I blew out my back on Sunday so I’m a bit slow right now. I feel a lot better than I did so hopefully lots of stretching will have me 100% in the next couple of days. Last Friday I finished up Kenneth’s Extralite steel frame (below) and today I’m working on Dave D’s titanium road frame. After that I’llĀ  be building Vincent, Jeremy and JJ’s frames. And if you’re reading this Ben, I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve had a half dozen calls from other builders looking for the same Headtube we’re waiting for. I’ve been checking with Paragon regularly and hopefully they’ll have it soon. I’ll build your frame the minute I get my hands on the Headtube.