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News: Porsche Prototypes June 4th, 2009

So I love endurance racing from the 60’s and 70’s. Especially the Porsche’s. They had about 1000 horsepower coming out of twin turbo 12 cylinder engines with magnesium space frame chassis. Le Mans is probably the most famous race of them all and a great movie too. Drivers like Siffert and Redman were the hero’s and even the Actor Steve McQeen was a respected endurance race driver.

So it’s not surprise that when BJ told me what he wanted to do for paint I was completely on-board. I even have a model of a Porsche in Gulf Livery sitting on my desk and a collection of Porsche posters in my office.

So the bike is back, assembled and ready to go. It looks great. Of course I’m just taking some quick pics with my little camera but Loretta will  be setting it up in the studio tomorrow and she’ll get some better images we’ll post in the main part of our site later. Please note how insanely well the Mango King headset matches the orange on the paint job.