Custom Bicycles
News: Pictures and the blog May 9th, 2012

Thanks to those who commented on my thoughts on the blog. Currently my web guy Todd is testing a process that should seamlessly combine the two and hopefully make everyone happy. Once it’s ready I’ll post it and we’ll see how it works. I’ll let everyone know so they can share their opinion and let me know if there are any bugs.

I also wanted to let everyone know whey we haven’t been posting any of Loretta’s nice studio shots. In case you didn’t know we are currently in a¬†temporary¬†shop while we build our new shop. The temp shop does not have a studio. For the remainder of the time we here, we’ll post pics of everything, but it will be just quick shots from our phones. Once we are finally in our permanent home, we’ll start taking studio shots and adding new images to our website galleries again.