Custom Bicycles
News: Photography November 9th, 2009

Loretta and I recently built (actually Todd built it, we produced the content) a brand new website and we’re very proud of it. We think it offers a lot of valuable insight to who we are and what we do. One of the things we do that helps us relay our message is include lots of images. Fortunately for me Loretta is a photographer and since she’s always here we can shoot pictures when the opportunity arises. Every image on the site with the exception of the Owners Gallery was taken by  Loretta. I think her unique perspective and quirky style make our site what it is. In addition to the gallery images which we’ll continue to add to, take note of the images at the top of each page. None of the images (or at least very few) are staged. They are all taken during the course of the workday and reflect what goes on here on a day to day basis.  Below are images taken last week of a bike we’re shipping today. It’s a titanium Freeride going to Nick L in Vancouver BC.