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News: People, People, People March 4th, 2009

Business is all about people and people are what this show is all about. At these shows we see other builders and vendors, aspiring builders and customers. They’re all important and it’s fun to be able to see each other and catch up.

99.9% of my sales are done on the phone with out of state (or country) customers. Most I’ll never meet face to face. One of the fun things about the shows is that I finally get to meet a lot of my customers face to face. Indy was no exception, in fact I met more customers at this years show than any of the others I’ve done over the years.

Talking with other builders is a big part of this show. We all have a lot to learn from each other. It’s also nice to kick around experiences that we share. In a business like ours there aren’t a great deal of others to share stories with so when we have the chance we jump on it.

Below are some of my customers along with a couple pictures of other builders, vendors and aspiring builders.