Custom Bicycles
News: Out of town next week. April 30th, 2009

I’m going to the desert. This is the time of year that makes Bozeman people crazy. What we do to deal with it is go to the desert. IE Fruita/Moab/Gooseberry/Hurricane etc. Southern Utah and the surrounding area has outstanding MTB riding and right now it’s in the mid to upper 70’s. Since it’s about 10 hours away it’s a pretty easy one day drive to get there and for years large groups of us have met there once in the Spring and once in the Fall to do some riding.

Next week I’ll be out of the shop from Mon-Fri and will not be answering the phone or returning email. I’ll will get back after it the minute I return Mon 5/11/09. I’ll be meeting my old business partner Tony and some of his family as well as a bunch of friends that either live here in Bozeman now or have in the past. I haven’t made the trip in several years and I’m really excited to get back down there with the gang and have some fun.

On another note, I’m making sure I get my current work competed and shipped before I leave. Here are a couple pictures of Trevor’s bike right before we shipped it. The saddle is a stunt double (I know it’s ugly) we used because we were shipping without a saddle and that’s all we had laying around. The other pictures are of Tom’s frame which is just about done and will be assembled and shipped tomorrow.