Custom Bicycles
News: Out of the shop November 5th, 2009

I’ll be out of the shop today. It’s suppose to be an unseasonable 65F today so I’m going to go play. It’ll probably be much cooler and rainy this weekend so I want to get while I can. I’ll be back in the shop tomorrow doing designs as usual.

For anyone that wondered what’s hanging on the walls in the office, here are some pictures. One wall is rock concert posters, one is magazine articles about Strong Frames and a couple special jerseys, one is Porsche endurance racing posters from the 70’s which I love and lastly is the sign from my bike shop which closed in 2004. I have a lot more stuff sitting in Loretta’s studio waiting for her to have the time to frame it. I’m going to pack a lot more on those walls as time goes by.