Custom Bicycles
News: One of those weeks September 18th, 2009

Every now and then I have a week in which little things seem to eat up all my time. I’m looking at my board and while I worked like crazy all week, nothing seems to be done. I have two major priorities right now. They are to get Dominic and Tom’s bikes out the door. Both should have gone last week but due to one little thing or another both are still here. Dominic’s frame still needs to have the BB machined. The tool showed up but now I have to make an adapter for my handles to get it to work properly. In the mean time Tom P’s frame is sitting in the fixture just about ready to finish up. So the plan is to finally get Dominic’s BB reamed and installed and his Headset installed and fork cut today, then I should be able to ship Monday. Once his bike is in a box, I’ll move back to Tom, which should ship Tuesday. Then I have three frames back from paint which will be prepped and two will be assembled, they will ship next week. Lots of stuff is going out the door next week and that’s a good thing.