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News: Now taking orders for Jerseys. January 23rd, 2013

I have just opened an order for Strong Frames riding apparel. You can get long and short sleeved jerseys, jackets, vest, shorts, tights etc. This will be one of two order this year. This first order is scheduled to land in Spring shipping 5/3/2013. The second order will  be mid Summer for a Fall shipping date.

There are two important things to keep in mind.

  • I don’t stock these items. It is set up as a Team Order and you place your order through a Voler portal( If you want them you have to order them online prior to the order closing date of  3/11/2013
  • We must sell 15 items in each of the three main categories to meet our minimum. Those categories are all Short Sleeved items, all Long Sleeved items and all Bottoms. There are many items in each category so it should be easy to hit the minimums.

To order go to this link and follow the instructions. It is very easy and the items will be drop shipped directly to you. The last order we did worked flawlessly and shipped on time.

If you have any questions about the process please email me at