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News: New, Liquid Paint No Upcharge April 4th, 2011

Until just recently I’ve only offered powder coat as a standard finish and charged extra for liquid paint. This Winter I met a Paul Taylor, a veteran Framebuilder that just moved to town. Paul does all his own painting and has for decades. He does and outstanding job and he’s agreed to paint for me when needed. Thanks to his close proximity and timeliness I’m now able to offer liquid paint to those who want it at no additional cost.

I’m currently updating the “Finishes” section of my site and all the details will be posted soon along with pictures of Paul’s work. Below is the copy that I’m writing for the page. Once it’s ready to launch I’ll post a link here.

Standard finishes for steel frames include either liquid paint or powder coat. For carbon frames only liquid paint is available. Both steel and carbon frames include a single color plus standard decal set and clear top coat at the base price. For titanium we call our standard finish “Satin” which is a media blasted finish using glass beads and then waxed to protect the finish from oil stains and finger prints. Liquid paint or powder coat are available on titanium at an additional cost.

The primary difference between paint and powder coat are that liquid paint produces a much smoother final finish, more accurate color selection and can be applied to carbon fiber. Powder coat will produce a nearly equal finish quality, has much better durability than liquid paint but cannot be applied to carbon fiber.

You can see a chart of powder coat colors offered by our powder coater, Spectrum Powder Works here:

There is not currently on online color chart for liquid paint. If you want liquid paint we will send you a color chart which you can use to choose the color/s you wish to use. Once your deposit has been made and your frame design is in process, just let us know you would like to see a color chart and we will mail you one to use.

And just so we have a picture for this post, below is a picture of the bike I’m currently working on for Peter M. (Sorry not you Peter M of CA and Australia :)). I’ll be spending the first part of this week welding out Peter’s frame and will be posting picture of the progress in a day or two.