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News: New Dropout option for steel frames January 3rd, 2012

Dave Kirk of also a Bozeman builder and a good friend of mine has designed a beautiful new dropout. It’s a very elegant minimalist design. Starting now I will be offering them as an option for $125 for steel frames only.

Here is what Dave has to say about them (snipped from his website):

Nearly all Kirk frames are constructed with the new Triple F dropout, which was phased into production in mid-2010. I’m extremely proud of the design and feel it’s the best available at any cost – bar none. I’ve been thinking about this dropout for 20 years and finally have had the time to make it happen. I’m not normally one to use the word ‘best’ as I know that there are lots of good products on the market and saying one is best in most cases makes one look foolish – but I really do think there are no better dropouts available and that the design is second to none. The Triple F is now being used on every Kirk with the exception of a few fixed gear bikes and loaded touring bikes.