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News: NAHBS site Builder Profile January 7th, 2011

So NAHBS has a great website and each exhibitor is given a profile page on which they are free to modify and add content. Most exhibitors don’t seem to be that interested in investing in it but I figured I’d go out of my way to showcase product. Each time a bike is added to my profile the new addition is listed on the home page and random images are shown on the home page slide show and in a strip of bikes displayed at the bottom of the page. Because I’m lucky enough to have great shots (thanks to Loretta) of just about every bike I build I figured I’d add a new bike very time my last addition drops off the list. Hopefully that will assure I always have a bike represented on the NAHBS home page when a viewer loads it. So far I’ve added about 18 bikes and I have dozens more I can add over the weeks prior to the show. Once I stepped back and looked at my profile page I noticed there are more bike represented on that page than any single page I have onĀ  my own site. So I thought it would be fun to share the page because it’s a nice little showcase.