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News: Mystic Lake Trail June 12th, 2009

I love Road riding , cyclocross and MTB all equally. Usually super early season and late I ride cross . Then as the season progresses I ride road and finally when the mountains start to dry up I ride more  MTB. Well the mountains are finally starting to dry up. I got together with a bunch of friends the other day (including the infamous BJ) and we rode the Mystic single track.

The Mystic lake single track is one of the most popular MTB rides in town. It’s half closed logging road and half single track. The ride’s nick  name is “The Wall of Death” because most of the single track is exposed but technically it’s not that difficult. Bill (our assembler) rides it on his cross bike. It’s an out  and back and is probably about 20 miles round trip from town. Elevation gets’ to about 7500 feet. Around here it’s one of the lower trails and that’s why we’re riding it now. Stuff that’s higher up is still a little snowed in, but  I think we’ll be riding up high in a couple more weeks.

[youtube 0ppSMo6-jIk]