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News: Mountain Flyer Magazine April 24th, 2009

Mountain Flyer magazine in my opinion is the best MTB magazine on the market. Unlike most of the others, Mountain Flyer focus on lifestyle and riding rather than the latest big company, hyped-out, market driven, pseudo techno advancement one of their major advertisers has just introduced.¬† Mountain Flyer makes me want to get on my bike and ride. It is also a beautiful perfect bound publication with fantastic photography. Other than hyping the magazine the reason I bring this up is because the latest¬† issue has a review of one of my bikes. Thought I’d share it with you and of course encourage you to go out and buy a copy. A PDF of the article can be found here.

Below are images of the article along with a couple shots of Trevor’s frame which is coming along nicely. Hopefully I’ll have pictures of it built into a bike mid next week.

Have a great weekend!