Custom Bicycles
News: More snow March 23rd, 2009

Well we got hit with a quite a bit of snow last night. This is the time of year that gets pretty frustrating. I’m finally starting to get some mileage in me and then I get shut down. Oh well, I’ll ride the MTB around town and wait for the roads to dry. It’s all part of living in the mountains. It’ll pay off once the season turns and I have great riding all around me.

My eBay auctions ended and neither frame sold so if  you were watching them and are still interested they’ll sit here until sold. I’m gong to be selling them for their starting bid price. The road frame is $2000 and the MTB is $800. I also have a couple more bikes I’ll be posting for sale soon. I’ll be putting my “Pro Shop” page back up and it will be the area I sell all sale items from frames to parts and in rare cases complete bikes.

This week I’m gong to be building Billy W’s frame. He’s a soldier serving in Iraq right now. It’s a Ti SS MTB with sliders and a couple other special features. I’ll post images as I move along. After that is Cyrille L’s frame. This will be her second frame. It’s a Ti road frame. Two Ti frames, it’s gonna be a fun week!